Premium roof maintenance services

  • Semi-annual inspections

  • Surface membrane examination

  • Regular cleaning of roof surface

  • Check for unwanted seams and tears in membrane

  • Check caulking at equipment penetrations and metal flashing

  • Examination of ponding areas

  • And many more


Reasons for commercial roofing services

It is required because caulking will deteriorate your roof. Sometimes, seams may come undone. Gravel can also be blown away to expose a built-up roof's membrane.

Moreover, accelerated membrane deterioration, damage from the environment, tears made by personnel working, or walking on the roof could be few other reasons.


Why roof tune-up is required?

A professional roofing job should last 25-30 years depending on the materials and installation. Many roofs age prematurely due to improper nailing, insufficient ventilation, or improperly done flashing.

Most roofs can be repaired which in turn saves you thousands of dollars! We can help you with your roofing repair needs.

Discover Your Top Source for Commercial Roofing Needs

Your commercial roof is a costly investment to leave to chance. It's Leaking Again Roofing & Contracting can be your reliable source for commercial roofing in the region. We also provide you with commercial roofing maintenance services.